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Stockholm Metro

Stockholm Metro, known in Swedish as 'Tunnelbanan', consists of three main lines color coded Red, Blue and Green. Opened in 1950, there are 100 stations of which 47% are under ground.
Children under 6 years travel free.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and was founded in the 13th century. With 26 municipalities, the Stockholm Metropolitan Area has a combined population of just over 2 million people. Around 1 million live in the Stockholm municipality. As you can expect Stockholm is a city that gets highly congested during the morning and evening rush hour periods. The network receives major funding and compared to other countries, is way ahead when it comes to forward planning and is continuously expanding.

A yellow line is currently under construction and should be ready in 2024.

SL Official Apps

The authority that controls the Stockholm Metro is called SL (StorStockholms Lokaltrafik) which means Greater Stockholm's Local Traffic. They have android and iphone apps available for buying tickets. The pages are in Swedish but you can set the apps to be in English. * No maps.

The tickets are then stored on your phone and can be scanned at entry gates allowing access to the Stockholm Metro.

Of course you can also purchase one time tickets or charge up a plastic travelcard as well.

There is even a 24 hour number you can call if you need help: Phone +46 8 600 10 00

Fines are expensive 1500kr + price of ticket

  • No valid travelcard
  • Not swiping your travelcard at Tramline ticket Swipe machines before boarding... EVEN IF YOU HAVE swiped on the Metro Station you still have to swipe here.

Modern Stockholm Metro Train

This is a video we took showing one of Stockholm Metro's beautiful modern trains arriving at the platform in Brommaplan, which is an important hub in the northern part of the Green Line.


Stockholm Greater Rail Network

The Stockholm Metro covers a wide area of the Stockholm Region, but that alone is not enough to ensure that commuters can get to their destinations. Therefore, there are several other means of transport including Commuter Trains, Trams, Buses and, yes, the city on water has ferries which take you from one island to another.


Stockholm Metro Art

Stockholm Metro is often referred to as the longest Art Gallery in the world.

While not as grandious as say the Moscow Metro System which looks like different posh interiors, the Stockholm Metro instead invites one into a magical underground space where you feel like you have arrived in another world.

BBC Documentary

"The most beautiful Metro in the world" - BBC

St Petersburg-born photographer Alexander Dragunov took the BBC on a tour of Stockholm's metro system, and showed off some of his favourite stations.


How the Stockholm Metro was built

Many of the large stations were literally drilled out of the earth and that is why you see that some stations have enormous natural columns of rock that support the huge stations.

Most are encased with concrete and have been painted according to the designs of various artists.

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