Djurgården Ferry Tickets

Practically free boat trips in Stockholm

The Djurgården Ferries are extremely popular ways to get from one island to another in Stockholm, a city built on islands. The most popular line being between Gamla Stan (The Old Town) and Djurgården where may attractions such as Gröna Lund and Skansen are located.

These ferries are owned by Waxholmsbolaget but have an arrangement to accept SL tickets. If you have an access ticket with credit then each trip will cost money but if you have a 1, 2, 3, 7 or 30 day pass you can hop on and off the ferries for no extra cost.


Gröna Lund

The Waxholmsbolaget Ferries that go out to Vaxholm and Drottningholm Palace are not covered by Stockholm Metro Access Cards but they are definately a great day out for any tourist and worth the cost. You can buy food and beer on board.


Drottningholm Palace

Purchasing tickets

You can purchase your ticket at the booth nearest the Ferry or on board. Every ferry has a conductor. On the Djurgårds ferry and other shuttle boats, all SL's tickets apply.

Line 80 between Lidingö, Nacka and Nybroplan

You can travel by shuttle boat line 80 between Nacka, Lidingö and Nybroplan. All SL tickets are valid on the boat, but you must have purchased your ticket in advance before boarding.

Line 82 (Djurgårds ferry)

You can travel by Djurgårds ferry between Slussen/Gamla stan and Djurgården, some tours go via Skeppsholmen. All SL tickets are valid on the boat.

Line 89 Ekerö - Klara Mälarstrand

You can travel between Ekerö (Tappström/Jungfrusund) and Klara Mälarstrand, via the bridges Kungshättan, Ekensberg and Lilla Essingen. All SL tickets are valid on the boat, but you must have purchased your ticket in advance before boarding.

All Stockholm Metro monthly tickets allow for travel on the Djurgården Ferries. Staff on board check all tickets.

Purchasing tickets onboard

Ticket Type
Youth 18-25 years
Child 8-17 years
579 kr
330 kr
Free with adult
299 kr
165 kr
Free with adult

Useful information

There are other variations in the ticket prices. 2 people in company with each other get a rebate. Buying onboard the train is more expensive so purchase your tickets before boarding.

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