Nockebybanan (the Nockeby Line 12)

Nockebybanan (the Nockeby Line 12) affectionalyy known as 'tolvan' meaning 'the 12', was originally a route from Fridhemsplan all the way to Nockeby. Now when the Green Line was established and continued further to Hässelby, the Nockebybanan was separated and remains a tramline. It is in the north of Stockholm and caters for a really nice part of Bromma where the Stockholm Metro doesn't reach. It is a really pleasant journey and there are many beautiful Villas and old squares to see on the short trip. The tramline travels between Alvik on the Green Line and Nockeby.

Nockebybanan facts

  • Originally route 12 from Fridhemsplan all the way to Nockeby
  • There are 5.7 km of track.
  • Has been extended several times during it's 107 years (2019).
  • Around 10,000 passengers use the Nockebybanan each day
  • There are 9 stations through the idyllic Villas of the old
    Bromma Garden City (Gamla Bromma trädgårdsstad)

Alvik - Nockeby

  • Alvik
  • Alléparken
  • Klövervägen
  • Smedslätten
  • Ålstens gård
  • Höglandstorget
  • Olovslund
  • Nockeby torg
  • Nockeby

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