Stockholm Metro - Roslagsbanan 27, 28, 29

Roslagsbanan, is a narrow tracked line which was a rail system init's own right and has many discontinued tracks (now removed) since it became a part of Stockholm's Local Traffic in 1972.

Roslagsbanan facts

  • Originally part of Stockholm's Roslags Railroads
  • There are 5.7 km of track.
  • Has been extended several times during it's 107 years (2019).
  • Around 10,000 passengers use the Nockebybanan each day
  • There are 9 stations through the idyllic Villas of the old
    Bromma Garden City (Gamla Bromma trädgårdsstad)

Alvik - Nockeby

  • Alvik
  • Alléparken
  • Klövervägen
  • Smedslätten
  • Ålstens gård
  • Höglandstorget
  • Olovslund
  • Nockeby torg
  • Nockeby

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