Saltsjöbanan 25, 25

A trip on the Saltsjöbanan is truly one of the finest journeys in the Stockholm region. You pass several old fashioned station houses that have been made into shops and restaurants. The journey used to begin at Slussen and go through a 638 meters long tunnel (Stadsgårdstunneln) opened in 1893 and Sweden's longest tunnel at that time, and then over Henriksdals bridge, but due to the total rebuilding of Slussen the journey now begins at Henriksdal.

The journey offers spectacular views of the city on water. The train track follows a lot of coastline. A great day out is to go to Saltsjöbaden and eat food in a restaurant or stay in the famous Saltsjöbaden Hotel. Saltsjö means Salt Sea and has been a popular swimming destination for those who wish to swim in the sea.

On some days dring the summer the museum trains are put into service.

Saltsjöbanan facts

  • Opened 1 July 1893.
  • There are 18.6 km of track.
  • 16.6 km of single track.
  • 2.5 km of double track.
  • Originally 3 tunnels, now only 2 (Stadsgårdstunneln closed).
  • Around 19,000 passengers use the Saltsjöbanan each day
  • There are 17 stations in total (Slussen closed)
  • 14 stations Henriksdal – Saltsjöbadens station
  • 5 stations Igelboda – Solsidan station
  • Saltsjöbanan 25 - Henriksdal - Saltsjöbaden
  • Saltsjöbanan 26 - Igelboda - Solsidan

Henriksdal - Saltsjöbaden (25)

  • Slussen (Closed for rebuilding)
  • Henriksdal
  • Slussen (Closed for rebuilding)
  • Sickla
  • Nacka
  • Saltsjö-Järla
  • Lillängen
  • Storängen
  • Saltsjö-Duvnäs
  • Östervik
  • Fisksätra
  • Igelboda
  • Neglinge
  • Ringvägen
  • Saltsjöbaden

Igelboda - Solsidan (26)

  • Igelboda
  • Tippen
  • Tattby
  • Erstaviksbadet
  • Solsidan

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