Stockholm Metro - Longer period tickets

Stockholm Metro Travelcard

The Stockholm Metro Travelcard is a plastic card with Access printed on it. The card costs 20 kr and you can charge it with an amount of money for single journeys or buy period tickets of 7 days, 30 days etc. The cost per journey is cheaper the longer the period you purchase. The most expensive journeys are single journeys. You actually get unlimited travel within the validity period of weekly, monthly and yearly tickets.

The price of tickets varies depending upon if you are an adult, child or have the right to a reduced rate ticket as a pensioner etc.

Children accompanied by an adult travel for free on the weekends. 1 parent with a pram always travels free but only on busses.

You can purchase a Stockholm Metro Travelcard at any station entrance or affiliated sellers such as Pressbyrån.

24 hour Travelcard
130 kr
90 kr
72 hour Travelcard
260 kr
170 kr

Single tickets

Single tickets are valid for 75 minutes. This means that you can still start your return journey as long as the ticket is still valid when you enter the travel system again. Single tickets can be purchased in the following ways.

  1. Using the SL app in your smart phone.
  2. Using the SL credit you loaded your SL Access card with.
  3. From the ticket machines found at all Stockholm Metro stations.
  4. From the staff sitting at the barrier booths at the stations.
  5. At SL Center, and other ticket agents.
  6. From the conductors on Tramway 7 and Roslagsbanan.
  7. *** WARNING ***
    Do not board any other trams without a pre-purchased ticket
    or you will be fined 1500 kr + ticket price.

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