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1500 kr + ticket price

The Stockholm Metro enforces regular controls in the hunt for so called 'plankare', as Swedes call people travelling without valid tickets. There are literally 'packs' of ticket checkers that travel the system every day and they check the tickets of every single passenger. Let's just say that they are known for behaving in an aggressive manner.

Everyone has to have a ticket. Even the unfortunate people you may see who ask for money have been given free tickets by the Social Services.

Tickets are expensive

The ticket prices are considered very expensive by most people, including tourists, but more so by unemployed people in Stockholm, so there are many people who want the Stockholm Metro System to be free to use. One Conservative Politician, Kristoffer Tamsons (M) from the moderate party wants the Government to bring in a new law to put 'Plankare' in jail for 6 months. He gets a free ticket like all Swedish Politicians.


Fines are expensive

  • Reason: No Valid Ticket
  • Reason: Not registering ticket at Tvärbanan Ticket Swipe
  • Fine cost: Usually 1500kr + price of ticket
  • There are regular checks for valid tickets, upon entry, on the trains, buses and trams and when exiting the system.
    The people checking are usually, let's just say reowned for being agressive. Guard Patrols can also turn up and they are not usually friendly either.

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